Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's not Farewell

We've greatly enjoyed the opportunity the City Daily Photo has given us to step back and observe our beautiful city as a visitor might see it - noticing the people, places and details that we would otherwise pass by in our daily rush.

However, as our families have grown over the last several years that rush has become a stampede and it's all we can do to keep up with the daily reality of school schedules, homework and chasing after the next generation.  Rather than let Bellingham Daily Photo become a chore that must compete for time with all the others, Lizzi, Lorelle and I have decided to let it wind down for the time being so we can focus on our families.

We are humbled by the support and generous spirit the City Daily Photo community has shown our little blog over the last several years and would like to thank each of you for the time you have taken from your own busy days to swing by our blog for a visit.


  1. I will miss you from Texas, but... I'll get to see it for myself as I move out there next year! In no small part because of your great photos and commentary on Bellingham :) Thank you so much - you helped put action to my dreams!

    1. I'm so pleased we were able to play a role in your decision to move out here. I'm sure you'll love it! I can't completely put the camera down, so once the holiday season is past I hope to start a second photo blog on the side that isn't limited to Bellingham and doesn't have the pressure of posting a daily photo. I'll put a link up when I get it ready so stay tuned!

    2. Magistra you are not alone! My husband and I live in San Antonio currently and we just went to visit Bellingham this past weekend. This blog made us aware of so much more than Fairhaven. We fell in love with it. Infact I even cried a little as we came into Happy Valley. We are also moving here in about a years time. The summer of 2014 is our plan. stay intouch. Maybe we can blog about the transition?
      Eli- please please please keep me informed should you start blogging again. Once we are up there I would be happy to help.

  2. Eli - It was fun to see you in the market the other day. Sorry I didn't recognize you at first. But the minute you said Bellingham Daily Photo I knew. I know how you feel. It is amazing how much time one little picture and a few phrases can take. It's also hard to keep the content new and fresh. Glad it isn't good-bye. I'll keep you on my blog list just to make sure I don't miss any posts. - Margy

  3. This has been a fun thing to look forward to each day; you are all such good photographers! Totally understand about the crazy life, though.

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