Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunset Pond

behind the half-empty strip mall
beside the busy interstate
just before industrial Irongate
you can find beauty
at Sunset Pond


  1. You never cease to amaze me. Your words are beautiful as well as your view of the world.

  2. What an amazing photo and verse, Liz.

  3. beauty can be found in the most unexpected places as long as the eye and the heart remain open.

  4. I love this photo and the word picture you have painted. What a serene little spot. That little flower doesn't know how good it's got it. :)

  5. Beautifully composed shot!

    P.S. You are so right as to decaying houses and the stories behind them!

  6. thanks Lizzie for visiting my denver dailyphoto blog. I spent some time today visiting yours (I confess I had to look on the internet where Bellingham was). I will come back! P.S : blogspot doesn't accept my new address. I'll have to use the old one