Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Coal

Concerned Bellingham residents are fighting to put an initiative on November's ballot to create an ordinance that outlaws the transport of coal through the city–a response to widespread concern about the increase in coal train traffic that could result if the Gateway Pacific Terminal project is built to export coal and other cargoes at Cherry Point.


  1. Even if it passes, it is unlikely to stand up. An interference with interstate commerce.

  2. Aren't there already coal trains heading to Canada? Seems like I see a lot of them. - Margy

  3. There are already about 4 trains a day--2 full and then 2 empty--this deal would bring an additional 18 coal trains a day, which is an unprecedented increase in coal train traffic, and unlike anything we have seen before. Aside from the effort to propose an initiative for the ballot, the most likely opportunity we will have to voice our concerns is during the EIS scoping process, which will possibly begin this fall. It is critically important that people participate during the public comment period. For more info about how to become involved with that, or for more info on other tangible ways you can help, check out this website: http://www.re-sources.org/gpt/take-action ,or stop by the Power Past Coal field office in downtown Bham on 215 W. Holly St.