Friday, September 21, 2012

The Battle of Mineral Lake

Members of the Washington Civil War Association stroll about the town of Elbe, waiting for the train to leave for Mineral Lake.

Once on board, we sat in a beautifully maintained car that I would guess dated from the twenties. The first car behind the engine was open topped for up close viewing of the scenery.  I was in the open car when we hit the first hill.  The pleasantly huffing steam engine became a monster, billowing black smoke and sending blasts up through the foliage with such force that leaves and even small branches were blown off the trees. 

Yankee soldiers lie in wait for the confederates.

Shots are fired...

...and casualties mount as the battle rages.

The union forces eventually surrender, but this confederate soldier paid the ultimate price for victory.


  1. What a fun adventure! I had no idea Wa state had civil war reenactments.

  2. Civil War re-enactors in Washington State? Ummm, same Civil War?

  3. @ Lorelle - I was talking to one of the actors on the way back and they do a big re-enactment at Hovander park each spring with civilian and military camps set up. One of us needs to get out to that next year for some photos!