Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tree Swallow

This pretty little tree swallow had a nest in the rafters of one of the shelters at Lake Padden. The eggs weren't hatched yet, but I took this before our vacation so I'll have to return to see if there are babies now.


  1. YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!

    Those little swallows are so cute. We have lots of them here. They love to swoop down on the pond and grab the insects..

    So did you have fun being gone?
    Glad you are back. MB

  2. What a pretty bird...we have swallows that live under the bridges over the canal that I walk along. They're so fun to watch..such talented flyers.

  3. What a stunning little creature. This is such a good image. I enlarged it to see the complex plumage pattern.

  4. Our tree swallows have not been working on the nest boxes lately, so maybe they have decided to nest somewhere else. But our barn swallows have just completed building their new nest on the little shelf Wayne put up. Last year's nest fell right at the end. Fortunately the three chicks survived. - Margy