Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Bagelry

The Bagelry, downtown on Railroad Avenue, is a Bellingham institution. No visit to Bellingham is complete without one of their fresh, New York-style bagels. Bring your cash, though, because they don't take cards. Shocking, I know. But trust me-- they're worth it!

It's rare to find bagels that are made the traditional New York way (apparently they're even difficult to find in New York these days), which includes a boiling process as well as baking, and gives them their distinct, chewy center with a crust on the outside.


  1. Very nice perspective. I can never figure out when to go with B+W.

    Hartford has hot summers and cold summers, so well-located specimen trees are part of weather control. Today's house faces the afternoon western sun, so the heavily leafed trees cool it in summer. In winter they drop their leaves and let the weaker sun get to the windows.

  2. I'd always wondered what a "New York Style" bagel was. I love bagels and will HAVE to try this place if ever I find myself in Bellingham. Thanks for the tip - and the info about cash only!

  3. Looks like they're in jail and need someone to come quickly and set them free.

  4. I had bagels on my mind eve before I saw this. Yum.