Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Salmon Fishing

A bristling bouquet of fishing poles
whip and snap and splash at sunset,
wielded by a line of diverse souls:
professors and retailers and transients,
college students and firemen
brought together by enthusiasm
for salmon.


  1. I love your prose as well as your photos. (Hey I made a rhyme!)

  2. Something to bring everyone together.
    Great shot and wonderful words....I'm not as clever as Tracy. I didn't make a rhyme. :(

  3. This fishing is serious business! :)

  4. I remember being in Alaska this time of year where you could cross a stream on the backs of salmon.

  5. Here fly fishing is like a dance, fascinating to watch.

  6. Gorgeous light!

    P.S. If this actually posts--just so you know, this is the third browser I've tried this in. I'm not sure the Blogger profile-selection widget thingie works very well.

  7. Wayne gave it a few tries but no luck. Probably for the best. He loves his new little fishing kayak for exploring the local rivers and lakes. - Margy