Tuesday, March 8, 2011


On Sunday we went out for a drive in the country and ended up at Everybody's Store, in the township of Van Zandt. Everybody's Store has just about anything you could want... well, anything I could want, anyway, since they have what is probably the best cheese selection in Whatcom County. And I loooove cheese! They've got local nokkelost and goudas, five different cheddars from five different regions, sage derby, marigold goat, italian parrano, and much, much more. They carry fine wines, too, many of them local, including their own red table wine. 

Any store that carries fancy cheeses and fine wine already has my love, but one with a cat, too? Now we're in undying devotion territory. The store cat is fat, black and sleek, and very friendly. We ordered sandwiches (also fat!) and were eating them in the garden behind the store when my five-year-old daughter asked what the cat's name was. I didn't know, so she told me to go ask. I said no, I'd like to finish my lunch. 
"Well, I'll find out myself, then!" She cried. She stomped resolutely all the way back into the store, where she confronted a store employee. My husband sneaked up and peeked in on her through the front window. 
"Do you work here?" She asked the woman. 
"Yes," the lady replied. 
"Do you know you have a cat?" 
"Yes," the woman said, smiling. 
"What's her name?" she asked. 
"Thank you."
And she stomped back out to the garden, very proud of herself. As she should be! And now we know. Nice to meet you, Mamacita.


  1. A very pretty kitty - a lovely country feel to your photo!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place. Wine and cheese. And a cat. And a garden in which to eat fat sandwiches. How could one go wrong in a place like that?

  3. So funny! There is a shop near where I work, with a very friendly black cat. I often go there during lunch time, never buying anything, hoping I would see the cat laying in the sun at the entrance. Today, I had to buy something there, and I asked the lady in the shop for the cat's name. Sherlock.

  4. Oh, the picture says a thousand words! All full of comfort and peace. Your story adds another layer of contentment and thoughts of wonderful cheeses. Hooray that Daughter is not shy about learning more about her new friends. Thanks!

  5. Good story, Lizzi. You are raising a child with gumption, which is a good thing. I like the photo with the backlit cat framed in the door.

  6. There's a young lady who knows her own mind. Yeah! Love the cat in the sunlight. I think this is a place well worth returning to.

  7. I think your daughter takes after you in her love of words and her understanding of the importance of every word. I want to know what each of you had to eat and what you brought home with you.

  8. I've been by Everybody's Store but never inside. I'll have to take the time next trip. I love cheese too. - Margy