Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Story Time

This fanciful and entertaining stained glass window invites you to pick up a book and find an adventure in the Children's Department of the Bellingham Public Library.  I recently visited with my youngest daughter for her first library visit.  We joined Story Time, a half hour of sing alongs, stories, and dancing for children under three.


  1. What a beautiful stained glass window. I can see where it would draw the kids in.

  2. Oh, I bet that was fun! That is a beautiful window!

  3. As a former teacher I love seeing children learn to love books and reading early in life. Good for you, and good for the Bellingham library for setting up such an inviting place. Also, thanks for joining my blog. If you ever have a question just leave a comment or use the link for an e-mail. - Margy