Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old Growth

Sitting amongst the relatively young trees sits a massive giant old growth tree.  My hubby and I were roaming the DNR trails on Sumas Mountain and this huge tree really pops out.  No idea why the loggers so many years ago spared it, but I am so happy they did.  We estimated the diameter to be at least 10 feet and I could only sort of guess its height, maybe 300 hundred feet.  A very vague estimate on this tree's age may be 250 years old.  More info on old growth in Washington State is here.


  1. Wow! That is a fantastic tree. Love it!

  2. Wonderful! I'm glad it was spared too.

  3. It must have been amazing to see our forests in the late 1800s when it was all first growth for the taking. And they sure took, didn't they. - Margy