Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seagulls at Larrabee

I know seagulls are a major nuisance and supposedly quite dirty, but if you ask me, they're very pretty. The crisp white against grey, the pale yellow beak with a dot of red at the tip. I would decorate a room in those colors. Anyway, this seagull is perched on a rock at Larrabee State Park, and as long as I'm so freely giving my opinions, Larrabee is the best state park in Washington. Gorgeous views, miles and miles of trails, an incredibly beautiful drive on the way there, and great tidepools for starfish hunting with the kids. Plus, while it feels secluded, there are two fine dining spots within a 15-minute drive: The Oyster Bar and Chuckanut Manor.


  1. Lovely scenery. When I lived on Cape Cod, there were more seagulls at McDonald's that at the beach! I like them anyway.
    Sunny :)

  2. i love gulls too! the place of your picture is very similar to some places here in Florianopolis that it could be here. Be welcome to visit my blog, I have posted recently some gull pictures.