Friday, August 14, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Celebratory Shoes

Apparently the owners of these shoes decided a)they didn't need these shoes anymore or b)they were celebrating something and got so excited they had to leave a visual of the moment for the rest of us. I tinted and faded the picture a bit to make it look old, because to me there's something sort of sweet and innocent about choosing this form of celebration/rebellion.
"Gosh, guys, Mom and Pop told me I had to stay home."
"Oh come on, Bobby! They'll never know the difference!"
"Okay, I'll do it! Let's go!"
"Let's get wild and throw our shoes over the wires!"
Mission accomplished, Bobby went to the sock hop at the soda fountain, met Barbara Ann, married her and had lots of children and lived happily ever after.

Now don't those shoes just warm your heart?

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  1. In a lot of inner city neighborhoods the shoes on the wire signify drug sellers nearby or gang activity in the area, too.

    I tried to sent a pair of keds up once when I was a kid and missed ... my mom was not pleased!

  2. Every time Zach sees shoes on wires around Bellingham he starts laughing "Thats Silly Daddy". I now like to point them out just to get a laugh out of him when we are driving through town.

  3. Since being part of the CDP I have come across so many blogs with shoes on a wire, and it never fails to amuse me.

  4. This craze has spread to every corner of the world.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. from what i is drug related...maybe not so sweet and nostalgic...but we can hope:) and z wants to throw a pair up there even if they don't have laces...try explaining that one 100X1000!