Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic Torch Run at the Peace Arch

Here's a shot of the Peace Arch just as we were arriving in the pre-dawn hours to wait for the torch run. It was, naturally, one of the coldest mornings all winter (which won't mean much to you midwesterners and New Englanders... and perhaps even the Floridians this year!) and it was quite misty and atmospheric.

The Peace Arch was built in 1921 to celebrate over 100 years of peace between Canada and the United States. It stands astride the Canada-US border, so if you pass underneath you go from one country to the other. On the US side is inscribed "Children of a Common Mother" and on the Canada side it says "Brethren Dwelling Together in Unity."

On a wistful note, I wish our southern border was as open, friendly, and peaceful as this one.


  1. I've not heard of this arch, but it is beautiful and your shot is stunning and I agree with your sentiments re: our southern border...

  2. Such a beautiful pre-dawn moment captured here.