Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Olympic Torch... right behind that guy. Well, anyone could get a picture of the Olympic torch, but how many people have a picture of that face?

That's okay, he was just doing his job-- and taking it very seriously, I might add. Anyway, everyone else was in very high spirits for the Olympic torch's only visit to US soil for the 2010 games. The torch-bearer for this run was Washington state's Philip Mahre, a skier medalist from the 1980 and 1984 winter games. He picked up the torch at the US-Canada border at the Peace Arch in Blaine, WA, and carried it south and then back north into Canada in a loop that lasted about two minutes. And there you have it, the torch's somewhat anticlimactic visit to US soil.

I have such a good picture to show for it.


  1. A short visit...but was it a quality visit ( :

  2. You're right though...this is the story behind the story. :)

  3. Well, how very cool that you could go up to the Peace Arch and actually be part of the welcoming committee as the torch briefly touched US soil! A great experience you'll remember forever, I suspect!