Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Art Impromptu

A young man made an artful rock tower while we picnicked at Little Squalicum Beach the other day. He continued on, making towers down the shore. This one was my favorite.


  1. Whaddya mean telephoto lens? I just have a little zoom on my camera--point and shoot. I get right as close to the Eagle as possible and CLICK. They don't fly away. Now Hawks fly away as soon as I slow down the car. crafty buggers.

    I love the rock sculptures and this one with the sun making sparkles on the water--terrific. MB

  2. The photo with a special mood. So beautiful. I see two waiting figures.

  3. Looks like an adult and child. Love the water and light in this photo. Great shot.

  4. I dunno about the tower. Oh yes, I do, it rocks!

    But the picture's superb...got that tower right in the sun! Super job!