Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lone Tree

When the tree was young he used to lean
toward the distant cluster of woods,
toward the islands, toward the sea.
For years now he's grown straight.
Happy on his own,
making a home
between the railroad tracks and the cliff.


  1. Wow!!
    Unique tree
    and so lovely lines written :-)


  2. Oh, I would love to have an enlarged print of this. It's beautiful...the words go along with the picture perfectly. Wonderful!

  3. Stunning, with the colors and the perfect silhouette.

  4. A very nice tree image ... it sounds like you and this tree have some history?

  5. That is an outstanding photograph! I love the way the lightness of the sky highlights the shape of the tree. And the angle looking upwards give me a happy, soaring feeling. - Margy