Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Sunnyland Stomp

Every year our neighborhood has a celebration of art and community when we turn our backyards into art galleries and invite everyone in the city. Normally called the Sunnyland Stomp, this year someone dubbed it the Sunnyland Slosh because of the wet weather. Did we let that stop us? Heck, no! It was still an evening packed with music, amazing food, dancing, new friends, and, of course, some really great art. Here's a sampling of the event.

The perpetually popular Artisan Revival II gallery. A big draw for the beer from Grant St. Brewing and amazing food by chef Brian Pahl. By the time I got there our window of clear weather had passed, so I missed out on photographer Lauren McClanahan's work because the photos couldn't get wet.

An artist doing her thing at Artisan Revival II. I'm guessing it's Maryann Schmitt, who did the painting below.

Gorgeous cupcakes at the Color Pot gallery. I believe they were gluten free, too!

Holly Swanson performs at the Color Pot gallery.

Record art at the Ravenwood gallery.

Silk-screening t-shirts at Iron Street Printing.

The official sign for this year's Sunnyland Stomp was made by Fishboy, aka Randy Clark. All the gallery hosts got posters, and Iron Street Printing did t-shirts too.

And in my very own backyard gallery, The Crow's Nest, oil on glass by Chris Murphy...

...and art by Dani Compain.

Mother Nature couldn't resist reminding everyone who the ultimate artist is.


  1. Sorry to hear about the weather, glad to hear that people had a great time despite the rain.

  2. I love this! What a fabulous idea! So fun to have such camaraderie with your neighbors. Looks like it was fun no matter the weather. :)

  3. What a good idea! And who cares about rain anyway! Those cupcakes... Probably gonna dream about them.

  4. a perfectly wonderful tour through this sunnyland slosh. thank you.

  5. This looks like a lot of fun and a good community activity. When I lived in Columbus, Ohio, my community sponsored an Art Crawl through six blocks of alleys. The art was great and the social aspects were wonderful. (Nice rainbow.)

  6. What a neat tradition. It's wonderful to see a neighborhood come together and share their art like this.

  7. I remember you posting about this before. What a fun time this looks to be. Could I be your neighbor? :-)