Friday, May 18, 2012

Skywatch Friday: Oeser Stack

This chimney is what led me to the site of yesterday's post.  I've seen the stack many times from the distance but never took the time to try to get closer. The new road I mentioned yesterday is part of a new park and trail system on Little Squalicum creek just below the Oeser plant.  This park was created as part of the cleanup plan to mitigate years of soil contamination from Oeser's wood treating operations. The Oeser facility was listed as an EPA Superfund site before it was cleaned up as well.

Skywatch Friday


  1. I've been to the beach section, but never the part up by the creek. I'll have to check it out. I love lumber yards so that will be a bonus. - Margy

  2. Hi there – I've enjoyed looking through your pictures. I found your blog by searching “Bellingham blogspot”. Had a quick question for you that I’m hoping you could answer. I have a sister moving to Bellingham soon. She currently lives in Iowa and her and her husband are thinking of moving into a home for rent, sight unseen, to save on traveling hassle and expenses. She’s looking at these:

    I know, shot in the dark...I’m not even sure how big Bellingham is but if you know anything about this area where these homes are located, your input would be appreciated!! I understand if you don’t have time to reply though.

    Heather (

    1. Heather,
      I believe I've seen these units. They are located in a very retail heavy area, literally one block from big stores like Home Depot and the mall. It doesn't have a neighborhood feel at all and traffic can be really bad in that area. (There are some short cuts around it). If your sister is looking for new, then I'm sure her options will be very limited as there wasn't much new construction around here lately. Personally, I'd refer her to other areas, Whatcom Falls, Sunnyland, Lettered Streets or Fairhaven have a much more community feel. But probably no new contruction. I hope this helps, I'm sure the unit might be fine for a year lease and she could always decide from there where she'd like to live.

  3. Always enjoy seeing these big old chimneys, interesting how many are used as 'free' advertising.