Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ol' Yeller

When we first bought our house this truck was for sale down the street. Lizziviggi liked it enough she walked down and got a picture. I can only guess the owner wasn't totally committed to the idea of selling it since the signs came off and it's been there since.
I drove by yesterday and now its for sale again!
And I want it, want it, want it...
but where would I put the kids?


  1. i saw this old delivery type truck being hauled on the highway this morning. it needed completely redone but had potential!!
    and i could totally fit the kids in the back with room to spare.
    this truck you are admiring is amazing.
    you should get....i'll live my dream through you
    have a blessed sunday~

  2. Go ahead, but it! Someday the kids will be driving themselves and what a treasure this would be then. Beautiful

  3. Since both you and Lizzie both love it, sounds like it's time for a family meeting.

  4. I would love it too. It is singing just for you. Hey, put the kids at Gramma's and you and Lizzy go cruising. MB