Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I couldn't post just one! The shot of the tug-of-war action at the T-Mobile company picnic was good, but I loved the faces of victory afterward, too.

T-Mobile is a big employer here in Bellingham. They have a call center on Bakerview, and several friends of mine work for them. My girls look forward to the picnic every year, with bouncy houses and face painting and all that good stuff.

My network problems I moaned about in the last post are solved. I won't go into details... not because it's boring, but because it was an embarrassingly simple fix.

If all goes well today, I'll have a new look for the blog tomorrow. I'll give the locals a hint: it involves minor vandalism and a well-known I-5 landmark, and if it turns out good it will be the new title image tomorrow.


  1. Love this! Will be camping with some teenagers this weekend and will be doing a little of the same! Fun!

  2. This is great. Summer fun! I'm anxiously looking forward to the "new look".

  3. Roll out the's a good thing!
    This looks like a lot of fun and brings back memories of other company picnics. Glad your computer problems are solved.

  4. they do look victorious! & this looks like a lot of fun too.