Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The little girl felt bad for him,
the different one.
She called out from the shore
stories of aberrant characters,
told him about Rudolph
and the Ugly Duckling.
Startled by her shouting,
he swam to join his darker brothers
and noticed
for the first time
he was different.


  1. Amazing the powerful empathy some children can bestow, especially in times when one is struggling with thoughts and feelings about being different. Nice One Shot!

  2. Great One Shot!
    We don't always feel different or left out until someone points these things out.

  3. oh this is so warmhearted - i really like it - feeling different isn't easy and i like how you manage to capture this kind of loneliness in such few words

  4. That's just plain terrific! You are a gifted writer/poet! One of my psych profs said that whatever is most personal is also the most universal. A sense of being "different" is a personal thing but I think universally felt, even if in different ways.

    Happy New Year!