Thursday, May 26, 2011

Children's Art Walk

There was an Allied Arts children's art walk recently in Bellingham, and most downtown businesses are still displaying artwork from kids in various classrooms throughout the city. While we were at Mallard Ice Cream the other day I took pictures of three of my favorites.

This is "Rainbow of the Night" by Ella Gouran at Columbia Elementary. 
Not only is it pretty, I love the imaginative title and what she has to say about her piece:
"I spent a lot of time on it and it turned out great!"
If only every kid had that sense of pride!

This picture is by Wyatt Shipp from Columbia Elementary. All of the kids in his class did the same picture in their own style. Most were titled "Big City" or "City at Sunset" or "City on the Water."
Wyatt titled his "Black Wisdom." Oooh, intriguing!
Other artist descriptions mostly went like this: "This is a big city at sunset," or "This is a picture of Seattle." Well, that's just too pedestrian for Wyatt's imagination. His statement:
"It is a picture of bildings on the far side of Mercurey."

This is a picture of tulips by Landon Kerzman, also from Columbia Elementary.
Like Wyatt, Landon refused to bow to the peer pressure of titling his piece something like "Tulips" or "Pretty Flowers" and saying "My picture is of some pretty tulips," like most of his classmates did.
Landon's title: "Rock and Roll"
His statement: "It's awesome."
Well said, Landon. Well said.


  1. I think this qualifies as an awesome post, as does the artwork you show today. I was a pretty good artist as a kid, but I imagine my work and title would have been much more pedestrian than these.

  2. What lovely drawings! Rock on, Landon.

  3. I love to hear confidence and pride in the voice of young people. Thank you for sharing.