Friday, May 13, 2011

Kind of Blue...

...just like one of my favorite jazz albums.

This will be our only post this weekend, as we're leaving today for camping at South Whidbey State Park.
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as we're going to!

Skywatch Friday


  1. Bay blue - got out there yesterday too. Have fun camping. We "camped" in the boat at the marina last night. Lots of fun with trains to watch. - Margy

  2. That's how blue I want to be! Enjoy your trip. Camping sounds like fun.

  3. Certainly YOU are not kind of blue... what a joy to get away! Have fun!

  4. It's a lovely shade - really, several - shades of blue. I'm going backwards and a day behind so I already know you had fun. :)