Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ski to Sea 2011

In Bellingham, Memorial Day Weekend is also Ski to Sea weekend with 500 teams competing in a 7 leg race from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay. Skiers start the race at Mt. Baker and it continues on with snowboarding, running, road bikes, canoe, mountain bikes, and finishes with sea kayaking in Bellingham Bay. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the races. For more
info you can check out the website HERE.

Ski to Sea weekend kicked off yesterday with a parade through downtown Bellingham. Today we're off to the carnival, the finishing celebration in Fairhaven and a classic car show. More pictures to follow!

Here are some shots from yesterday's parade:


  1. Great post lots of interesting photos here.

  2. wow what a celebration! I love the photos!

  3. Great photos here. I think you managed to convey every emotion; I certainly felt it.

  4. Feel as if we were there with you...particularly love those horses.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful photos. Thanks!