Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Chetzemoka

We're back from our little getaway to Fort Worden, and we had a great time! The way there and back we rode on Washington's newest ferry, the Chetzemoka. The way over was a gray, misty day which lent itself well to black and white. The way back was beautiful and sunny, and I would have taken lots of colorful pictures if I hadn't stayed in the car trying not to vomit because I had the stomach flu. Did I say we had a great time? We had a great time till Eli and I started throwing up.


  1. Love your perspective here... good eye!

  2. Now, THIS is excellent, and really works with black and white. Congrats. (Sorry about the flu . . . tough when there are kids who need to be watched and entertained and that is the last thing you want to do . . . )

  3. That really is an amazing shot!

  4. Love this shot! Sorry to hear that you guys picked up the flu. Rest and be better soon.
    I'm headed out of town and won't be on the computer until Tuesday. That time of year!
    The grass is called bermuda. :)