Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jordan Rain

I have a new secret weapon...
it's my five-year-old daughter.
I'm not too proud to say she takes pictures I would never get--
like this one of Jordan Rain from Yogoman Burning Band.


  1. Tell her she did a splendid job! Love it! And no, I probably wouldn't have gotten this shot either! :-)

  2. Kids have a good eye. Give them a camera and expect some amazing results. I'd give that five-year-old a big prize for that photo!!

  3. You aren't serious! This is brilliant. Oh, to be five again, with all the promise of the future . . .

  4. She has definitely got an eye for eyes.

  5. Hey, Blogger is letting me comment today! Yea!
    I say use every secret weapon you have! Obviously, she's a chip off the ol' block. :)