Thursday, August 11, 2011


A Lummi girl gets ready to help pull a war canoe.

The Lummi People, or Lhaq'temish, were the original occupants of northern Washington and southern British Columbia. The People of the Sea migrated seasonally between Point Roberts and many of the coastal islands until 1855, when they signed the Point Elliot Treaty and were forcibly moved to what is now the Lummi Reservation. Though their home shrank, they left their mark where they formerly wandered freely: a trail, a vineyard, and WWU's magazine are named "Klipsun," the Lummi word for "beautiful sunset;" "Kulshan," the Lummi name for Mount Baker, is also a school, a street, and numerous businesses and organizations; Mount Shuksan, or "high peak," is also a school among many other things; and Whatcom (County) itself is a Lummi word for "loud water."


  1. Thanks for the bit of history about this amazing people. Their style of art is so unique and striking.

  2. Very interesting. I thought she was Asian but now I know more about her heritage.

  3. I like the play of light and shadow across her face and the reflections on the side of the boat.