Monday, December 21, 2009

Am I Blue?

This pretty glass flower always catches my eye when I head down the stairs to my workout at the Y.


  1. It really is catching the rays of the sun. Nice capture.

  2. I do love the blue and perfect for a blue Monday.

    Today is the shortest day of the year and then second by second the days will get longer. Today we have only 81/2 hours of daylight.

    How fun to go to Port townsend. Did you have to make reseverations for the Keystone ferry?


  3. MB-- alas, I didn't accompany my husband to Port Townsend-- he deserved a little getaway on his own! He didn't have to make reservations for the ferry, though.

    Today appears to be the darkest of the year in cloud cover as well as daytime hours! Looking forward to the sun, whenever we shall see it!

  4. My daughter is still an artist though she hasn't quit her day job yet. Thank you for asking and thank you always for your kind comments and thank you always, always for your wonderful posts.

  5. Great photo and I love the flower, gorgeous! :) And thanks for your congrats!