Sunday, December 27, 2009

Old City Hall

Lizziviggi took the girls to the children's museum at the Lightcatcher building and snapped this shot of the old City Hall building. Once the municipal center of the city, it was replaced by a larger, more modern building closer to downtown. The Whatcom Museum moved into the building in 1941 and has occupied it since. The museum is now housed in three buildings: The old City Hall, the Syre Education Center seen just to the right of the City Hall building, and the new Lightcatcher building in the foreground.


  1. Lighcatcher. Why Lightcatcher? Lovely name though, just unusual.

  2. Julie- The building's main feature is a curved translucent wall that echoes the color of the sky or can be lit with colored lights. Our November post has a good picture of the wall as well as links to the architect's page:

  3. You've caught some light yourself in this shot.