Saturday, December 12, 2009

Leavenworth, Washington

EJVig took our daughters on the train to Leavenworth, Wash., for a little getaway. He snapped this picture yesterday. Leavenworth is a charming little pseudo-Bavarian town at the base of the Cascade mountains. It's always a popular tourist destination, but especially so at Christmastime. I'm glad they had fun, and even more glad they're back home, safe and sound!


  1. Funny! Having lived and studied in Bavaria, I can tell you that it really looks the part!
    What are actually the barrels for? Fire?

  2. Rob, that's exactly what the barrels are for ... to warm your mittens and fingers. Leavenworth is great fun, especially in December. I'm curious how the transport issue worked out from train to village center once you arrived in Leavenworth...

  3. What a fun outing. Were you sad not to go along for the adventure?

  4. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR BLOG, amazing photographs! They're the best!


    apology for errors, use the computer translator

  5. Chuck-- thanks for answering Rob's question! Transportation from the train's drop-off point wasn't a problem-- they'd reserved a shuttle in advance to take them to the hotel.
    Brattcat-- Yes and no... and if you've been the parent of small children, you'll know what I mean by that! Work kept me at home, but also meant I had some valuable quiet time for myself.

  6. I had to enlarge the photo to take a good look at those lovely buildings.