Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Morning at the Lettered Streets Coffeehouse

I sit under the backwards espresso sign
sipping my coffee
perusing a travel book about Turkey.
The borrowed pages
smell like paprika.
Droplets gather on the steamy window
and travel down in groups.
The women behind me talk
about their trip to Africa.
The glowing sign faintly buzzes
and I leave half my coffee undrunk.
It is winter
there are no flowers on the table
and I will never go to Turkey.


  1. I felt happy at first---now I feel sad. Well I didn't want to go to turkey anyway. But no flowers!!!! MB

  2. The image is great - the poem is fantastic! Wow - that's how poetry is supposed to make me feel.
    Here are the missing flowers for you - coming from your part of the world -http://palosverdesdailyphoto.blogspot.com/2008/08/sky-in-vase-sky-watch-friday.html

  3. Nice post or shall I say poetry. Photo matches nicely and make me smile.
    Thanks for comment at Nelson DP.

  4. This works well: image and text together. I like the way you just describe what you see and hear and then flick the mood in the last line.

    Impressive stuff ...

  5. beautiful words! and i like the symmetry of the photo, it just goes

  6. Love this image... your words work well.

  7. Well written. I know just how you feel - the words say it all.

  8. Excellent post! Well composed in every way.