Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reflecting on the Past

Earlier in the month I left my car on Whidbey Island and traveled to Port Townsend on the Keystone Ferry. After spending the night at the Water Street Hotel in the historic downtown district, I grabbed a cup of coffee and set out for a day of urban hiking. The night before I had explored downtown thoroughly looking for dinner, so I climbed the stairs to the residential district for a day of looking at historical homes.

For those who have never been to Port Townsend, the downtown area is at sea level and the residential area is built on top of a bluff overlooking downtown, providing for an almost perfect separation of residential and commercial areas. The only exception is upper downtown, a two block area of businesses that includes the East Jefferson Fire and Rescue Station 1-6 which houses Old No. 3, a 1941 Howard Cooper 1000 gallon pumper.


  1. That sounds like such a great adventure, ejvig. Did you take lots of photos in addition to this reflection? Will we see some?

  2. I've got a few more, but not a lot. I'll post another this morning.