Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nesting Instinct

Today, a bald eagle in honor of our veterans. Our national bird, the bald eagle is majestic and powerful, loving and faithful.

A bald eagle carries a stick to the big Douglas Fir, where he or she is building an aerie high in the branches for their offspring. It's hard to say whether this is Mommy or Daddy, as both sexes share responsibilities for nest building, egg-sitting, and even caring for the young.

Both of the Washington State eagle-watching cameras are out of commission right now, but if you click here, you can watch an eagles nest live in Oregon.

This photo was actually not taken in Bellingham, it was taken on Vashon Island, where I spent the weekend at Betty Macdonald's Farm.

Thank you to our veterans.


  1. To those coming after me, I highly recommend enlarging this shot to fully appreciate it.

  2. Great idea for Veteran's Day! Thank you Liz!