Monday, November 30, 2009

The Waterfront Tavern

Like all towns, Bellingham has its dark side. Being in the corner of the country, with mountains on one side and water on the other, at the edge of Canada, Bellingham is the perfect location for writers, exlporers, artists... and serial killers.

The Waterfront Tavern on Holly Street has the unfortunate history of being the favorite drinking place of at least four killers. The first, Ted Bundy, killed at least twenty women. Angelo Buono, Jr. was later convicted in the Hillside Strangler case in Los Angeles. James A. Kinney murdered a woman found off Mount Baker Highway. And our most recent one: John Muhammad, the DC sniper, who was just executed on November 10. He killed 10 people.

The Waterfront Tavern, perched on the edge of the bay overlooking the now-defunct Georgia Pacific factory, has long attracted all types for its cheap beer at the earliest hour in town-- 8 o'clock in the morning. Now, with plans for the paper mill's demolition and removal in the works, and a prettier, tourist-friendly waterfront on the way, the Waterfront Tavern may be able to upgrade its clientele, too.


  1. Really interesting, LV. I had no idea.

  2. I found it interesting/weird/cool that your last post was titled Zodiac and this post is about serial killers... I'm weird, I know. My mom always said that the 4 corners of the US attracted people on the run, which is why Bellingham has always had it's fair share of weirdo's/interesting people.