Friday, November 13, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Playground Rainbow

No children are outside
to witness the rainbow.
Instead they're inside,
faces lit with TV's glow.
No young eyes open wide,
Legs don't race to find the end.
Discouraged, the rainbow fades.
I guess I don't exist, then.

Clouds, sunsets, blue skies, and more rainbows.


  1. Nice shot, it is just perfect to get the rainbow.

  2. So sad but very true these days. I invite you to come see the solar halo I caught. -- Margy

  3. Oh, LV, what a sad little poem. Surely there are still some children who play outside. If not, I fear civilization is lost.

  4. beautiful rainbow which sadly isn't appreciated mostly these days. the poem fits the rainbow's feelings :)

  5. Beautiful shot of the rainbow and the poem is very relevant, it's sad how much kids can miss out on nowadays in favor of TV and video games...

  6. Unfortunately your words are true all to often in this day and age. But I'm glad you got this picture so you can share it with us.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. Great capture of the rainbow. Happy skywatching.

  8. Too bad, kids would have appreciated this wondrous beauty. Then, perhaps, they will still see the scene as you freezed in a frame!

    Have a great weekend! My post is here: Cbanga360

  9. How wonderful to see a rainbow this time of year. Somewhere, surely, a child is peeking!

  10. Rainbow arching o’er
    puddled playground—splash of
    color this grey day.

    My Sky