Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The White Chair Waits

Lake Whatcom.
The white chair waits
for summer...
for wet swimsuits
sandy feet
cold beer.
Winter lasts
long enough to wonder:
Was it all a dream?


  1. That same white chair has waited for summer for the last 6 winters that we have lived at the lake.

  2. Patient, brave white chair. We could all learn a lesson from it. Good post, lv.

  3. What a poetic blog you have! And great photos. I dream to join this chair in waiting for the summer...

  4. We have a good friend who lives in Bellingham so are happy to have your pictures to go with our thoughts of her. I like your photos and am especially aware that many of them contain water, falling out of the sky, off a mountain, clinging to a rose, pooling in the ocean...hmmmmm, wonder why?

  5. great post! my sis lives on Lake W. -- what a gorgeous spot! The photo and the poem and spectacular. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Wonderfully creative. The chair waits for warmer weather as do I, winter I just mark time.