Saturday, April 10, 2010

Admiring "Bloom: The Elephant Bed"

Today is the last day of one of my favorite art installations ever: "Bloom: The Elephant Bed," at our local art museum. I did a previous post on it here.

They will be taking it down today and parading the sculptures around downtown. They were going to toss them in the bay, where they would dissolve, until they were told not to at the last minute by the state's Department of Ecology, who said it was against the law. Guess someone should have checked on that. Oops.

This picture is from December-- as is probably evident, given the girls' attire!

I'll miss the beauty and peace of this installation, but I'm looking forward to seeing the new exhibits at the Lightcatcher Museum.


  1. Did the installation include sound? Interesting artist.

  2. this is an amazing exhibit! inspirational and educational & just lovely to look at too.

  3. Interesting sculptures. What are they made of that they will dissolve?
    I scrolled down and saw what I had missed. Great puddles. MB

  4. What an interesting photo. Love the lighting. The clothes look eskimoish.