Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doorway to Downtown

Behind this door you'll find
wintered salty air
gulls settling in on the docks
theater-goers in hats and scarves
the sun fading at 4 o'clock
and me
going home to dinner in the crock-pot.


  1. Crock Pot dinners are wonderful to come home to ... especially this time of year. I like this image very much! Hope dinner was tasty -:)

  2. Sounds good to me! Wonderful photos you have!
    Happy New Year & hope to visit more in the new year

  3. This is brilliant! Truly love it!

  4. You have the best evening of all ahead of you. What a rich, saturated shot!

  5. I think this composition is really good. Good lines of perspective and love the lines of the door itself. The colours reinforce your text somehow. Rich and warm.

  6. I love the different colors that seem to blend together. What a great picture of a door. I never thought a door could look so beautiful.

  7. What a cool, dramatic photo! Groovy mood!
    Happy New Year!